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Warewash Program Analysis

Our program director Sidney Olanda can be reached at 630-414-6598 or by email at Sydney@leesfoodservice.com for all of your warewashing and laundry needs.

Lee’s offers a free analysis of your warewashing program to ensure that you are getting the best results at the best price by checking the ratios of the 4 critical components of the warewash process.

For any cleaning task there are four critical components. The four components make up the process that lifts the soil from the surface to be cleaned and suspend it so it can be rinsed away.

If any one of the 4 components of the process is decreased one of the others must be increased to ensure good results. The four elements of the process are time, energy, chemical, and temperature.
  • TIME: refers to the proper amount of time it takes, from beginning to end, for a rack of dishes to go through a wash cycle in order to be clean and sanitized. For this to happen, a machine is always on a fixed amount of time, but sometimes the machine operator can “hurry” the cycle by pulling out the rack too soon, which reduces the time, but also negatively affects the results. A normal time for a dish machine to finish a cycle is between 60-90 seconds.
  • TEMPERATURE: refers to the proper temperature required to clean, rinse and sanitize dishes. Low temp dish machine should have a minimum of 110 degree of hot water and high temp dish machine should be at 155-160 degrees wash tank temp., and 180 degrees final rinse temp.
  • MECHANICAL ACTION: means that everything must be operating properly, from the motor to the wash pressure, to the conveyor and timers, and everything else mechanical on a dish machine. Is the wash arms is not functioning properly, the dish machine will not achieve what it intended to do which is clean dishes.
  • CHEMICAL ACTION: is also important in that the proper concentration of chemicals must be set and maintained in order to clean, rinse and sanitize dishes.
By evaluating these four components of the cleaning process Lee’s will evaluate and make the recommendations on how you can you improve your results and save money!

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