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For fast and reliable commercial slicer repair in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee and installation call Lee’s Foodservice Parts & Repairs, Inc. Depending on what type of restaurant or commercial kitchen you own you may use your commercial slicer frequently or only rarely. But eventually your commercial slicer will need to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, commercial slicers are pretty simple machines: they consist of a power supply, a motor and a rotating blade. There are very few things that can go wrong with it, and with regular cleaning and maintenance you should be able to keep it running for a long time. But if your commercial slicer stops working it can put a serious dent in your business—especially if you use it on a daily basis to slice deli meats, poultry or cheeses. Call Lee’s Foodservice if you need commercial slicer repair in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee because it has stopped working. Our technicians are friendly and they have many years of experience and training with deli slicer repairs. We provide a guaranteed response time because we know how important it is for you to get your equipment fixed quickly. We are dedicated to your success and to your complete satisfaction. We want to exceed your expectations on every job. We take pride in the workmanship and customer service that we provide. So when you’re ready to work with a serious commercial kitchen contractor call Lee’s Foodservice.

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Commercial Slicer Repair in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee
Commercial slicers are a huge convenience for any restaurant that serves a lot of deli meats and cheeses. Having to cut those meats and cheeses by hand would take a long time and would result in less consistent thickness. If you need commercial slicer repair in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee call Lee’s Foodservice. We know that slicers are pretty simple machines but they can still break down.

Commercial Slicer Won’t Spin Fast Enough
If you turn on your slicer but it isn’t spinning fast enough you may not be able to cut through the meat or cheese that your customer ordered. This can be caused by the power supply not giving the motor enough electricity. It could also be that the motor gears or bearings are old and deteriorating. If you don’t regularly clean the slicer it might be just clogged with excess food.

Commercial Slicer Making Strange Noises
If you start to notice that your slicer is making strange noises when you turn it on it could be caused by the motor bearings and gears. If your slicer is old and hasn’t been serviced in a while the bearings probably need to be lubricated. Call the Chicago commercial slicer repair experts at Lee’s Foodservice today.

Commercial Slicer Installation in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee
If you need commercial slicer installation in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee call Lee’s Foodservice. Depending on the size of your commercial slicer it may actually need to be bolted to your counter. Our technicians can help you pick out a unit that matches your businesses needs and your budget. We can help you figure out the best place to install it and then make sure that it operates correctly.

Call Lee’s Foodservice for commercial slicer repair and installation in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee.

Lee’s Foodservice Parts & Repairs, Inc. is proud to offer comprehensive commercial HVAC, commercial kitchen and commercial refrigeration services throughout the Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee area.

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